We’ve helped thousands transform their body and reach their fitness & athletic goals.

Since 1994, Reflex Supplements has been a trusted leader in sports nutrition supplements, providing expert advice to those looking to fuel their fitness, athletic, or active lifestyle goals.

We are Calgary's #1 supplement store! Reflex Supplements is committed to bringing you only the best in sports nutrition supplements, advice, and pricing.

The Reflex Difference

Commitment to Education

We pride ourselves on offering our consumers with expert advice.  Sports nutrition is our passion. We live, and breathe fitness, and are committed to educating you on how to get the results you’re looking for. Our team isn’t like any other. We live this lifestyle, and can be found grinding it out right beside you in same Calgary Gyms.

Commitment to Integrity

In an industry that is plagued with illegal substances and “quick & easy” marketing ploys, we stand behind the brands we carry, the products that we sell, and the people we represent. Nothing is quick and easy. It takes consistent efforts and a supportive team to get the results that you want. We will be the team in your corner when you are ready to work hard & fight!

Commitment to Community

We believe we’re better as a team and we are committed to giving back to the communities we are a part of. Whether it's supporting a local fundraiser, sponsoring a sports team, or recognizing community ambassadors, achieving your best comes from giving back to the places where you live, work, lift, and play.

Commitment to Honest Pricing

We believe in helping you achieve your goals, not emptying your wallet, and are committed to having competitive & honest pricing. We don't 'pump' brands because we got a deal on a skid and we won't sell you products you don't need.


Our space was designed for everyone. We welcome you to a warm, inviting shopping experience like no other. Our clutter free environment is open, bright, and non-intimidating. After all, you can't talk shop unless you come inside.


Come meet our team of supplement advisors, and see for yourself why Reflex Supplements approach to nutrition will change the way you reach your health and fitness goals.